UNIQUE Logistics International, Inc., Affirms Unwavering Commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Principles in Inaugural ESG Report

NEW YORK, Jan. 17, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Unique Logistics International, Inc., a global logistics and freight forwarding company, proudly announces its dedication to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles in its first ESG report. The report details continuous improvement in services provided by employees, vendors, and partners.

Recognizing Unique Logistics' pivotal role in addressing environmental challenges, the company actively collaborates with customers on ESG projects, surpassing traditional business relationships. This close engagement aligns sustainability goals, fostering discussions for innovative solutions to reduce environmental impact, strengthening Unique's commitment, and forging lasting bonds with customers.

"I'm thrilled to lead our ESG programs and unveil our first report," said Mickey Diaz, Unique's Chief Operating Officer. "Our commitment to ESG-friendly operations is ingrained in our identity, not just a corporate duty. Our teams are dedicated to continual sustainability improvement, integrating it into our core practices for lasting value. Thanks to our employees, vendors, and customers for their support. We look forward to collaborating on innovative ways to reduce our environmental impact as we strive for a more sustainable future."

Sustainability at Unique Logistics encompasses environment, social, and governance. The company is dedicated to strengthening these pillars, promoting ESG principles in all business activities and decisions, creating sustainable added value voluntarily and proactively.

"I proudly reaffirm our core commitment to ESG principles," said Sunandan Ray, CEO of Unique Logistics. "This report highlights our ongoing efforts for environmental responsibility, social well-being, and robust governance. Looking to 2024, we are focusing on rigorous sustainability controls and global ethics. Together, we are advancing a future of responsible practices across our operations."

Key Initiatives and Commitments:

Environmental Commitment: Conducting operations responsibly, service management systems monitor ecological impact. Collaboration with suppliers enhances understanding of sustainability practices, ensuring alignment with common objectives.

Social Responsibility: Prioritizing people and programs that ensure health, wellness, and safety. Initiatives focus on development, diversity, and community engagement, fostering shared responsibility.

Governance Excellence: The governance committee leads and ensures accountability for environmental and social programs. KPIs guide units and functions.

Sustainability Goals for 2024 and Beyond: Rigorous controls around sustainability data governance and alignment across the organization. Robust global ethics and compliance program.

Collaboration for Customer and Environmental Impact: Direct collaboration on ESG initiatives contributes to environmental well-being and strengthens customer relationships. Striving towards sustainability goals creates a shared sense of purpose.

Reducing Environmental Impact: Unique Logistics is consistently finding ways to reduce or offset the carbon footprint for a sustainable future. This includes embracing a paperless approach, choosing energy-efficient facilities, and offering an emissions calculator for sustainable freight routes.

Strategic Initiatives for Reduction: Accessing client carbon footprints in 2022 resulted in a baseline for strategic initiatives. Unique has a target of 30% reduction in landside client emissions by 2025 compared to the 2022 baseline.

Advancements in Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF): We have a goal for a credit reduction in emissions to procurement practices and partnerships with carriers using alternative fuels. Unique Logistics is aiming to align with carriers transitioning to SAF for a better world and sustainable growth.

The full 2023 ESG report can be viewed here.


Unique Logistics International, Inc. (OTCMKTS: UNQL), through its wholly owned operating subsidiaries, is a global logistics and freight forwarding company providing a range of international logistics services that enable its customers to outsource to the Company sections of their supply chain process. The services provided are seamlessly managed by its network of trained employees and integrated information systems. We enable our customers to share data regarding their international vendors and purchase orders with us, execute the flow of goods and information under their operating instructions, provide visibility to the flow of goods from factory to distribution center or store and when required, update their inventory records.

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